Discovered by African Eagle in 2008, the Dutwa Nickel Laterite Project is located in Northern Tanzania.  The Bankable Feasibility Study being undertaken on the project has recently been suspended.  However, the Strategic Partner search is still underway to seek assistance in funding the completion of the Study.

Over the past year, significant work has been completed towards the Feasibility Study, including: 

  • Significant technical work
  • Logistics studies completed
  • Extensive metallurgical testwork including:
    • Flow Sheet Design, basic engineering nearing completion
    • Benefication
    • Results confirm the process via atmospheric tank leach (lower risk, less technically and commercially complex than heap leach or HPAL)

Key Project Parameters

The Dutwa Nickel Laterite Project comprises of two hill top deposits, Wamangola and Ngasamo, which are 7km apart.

The Laterite Project is targeting hill top open pit mining, which minimal pre-stripping and a low energy blasting which will minimise mining costs.  The nickel laterite ores will be beneficated through straightforward low energy scrubbing, which will discard around 50% of the ore quantity and the resultant higher grade lower volume ore feed will be processed in a hydrometallurgical treatment plant to produce around 27,000tpa nickel in concentrate (i.e. an intermediate nickel product which requires refining) using atmospheric tank leaching. Life of mine is projected to be around 20 years.

The concentrate is expected to contain around 50% metal in the case of a mixed sulphide product (MSP) or 35% in the case of a mixed hydroxide product (MHP).

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